Betting history

The history of sports betting and its development in the world.

The first record of bets comes from Greece and the Roman Empire

Sports betting is in fact a very old form of entertainment. It is estimated that the first bets appeared along with the first sport disciplines. Then people quickly came up with the idea that you can bet on particular event and even make money. The essence of bets has changed over the centuries. At that time people did not bet money they bet material goods which had certain cost. According to many historians of ancient Greece, the first bets were made during the first Olympic Games in 776 BC. This fashion trend remained and continued during the reign of the Roman Empire.

Diversity and popularity of sports disciplines in different countries

The birthplace of modern betting is England and the whole territory of the United Kingdom. People who placed bets on sports appeared at the beginning of professional football league. Over time, the number of such people increased, and some of them even started to make money on betting. In the 20’s of the last century, a new profession appeared – a bookmaker. Afterwards such companies as Ladbrokes and William Hill were set up. Very soon after these events betting became popular in Continental Europe. At the beginning, the companies operating in Europe were regional due to the fact that different sports were popular in different countries, except football and tennis.

The demand for land based betting shops and the development of Internet in the 90’s

Land based betting shops sprouted like mushrooms after the summer rains not only in Europe but also the U.S., which was influenced by the Major League Baseball and the NFL. Betting on American sports is becoming extremely popular, and profit totals several billion dollars. In the 90’s, groundbreaking changes took place. The Internet, which is an ideal place to promote betting, was launched worldwide. At the moment, betting companies are shifting their operations to the Internet, which gives them unlimited opportunities, and began to create applications for mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, tablets. Mobile betting and online sports betting are displacing land based betting shops and it seems that there fewer and fewer of them year after year.

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