Bitcoin betting’s Privacy Policy discloses practices of privacy at At Bitcoin betting we honor fair gaming practices, thus we ask that while using or visiting our site that you adhere to the same rule.

Given the fact that Bitcoin betting demonstrates fairness and commits to the well-being of your privacy, by protecting your personal information we have setup a guideline at Bitcoin betting to show you how serious we are to security and fairness.

Once you have provided personal information to Bitcoin betting’s websites, or relative sites, we collect the information, gathering it to make sure your needs is met. AT the same time your information is guarded by our workers, thus we will only share your information with only those related to our websites. That is, if you open an account at online betting you information is only shared between Bitcoin betting’s staff and the banking institutions where you have signed up an account.

Our secure procedures work off protected software where your information is not given to anyone, sold, leased, rented, and so on. We at Bitcoin betting will not misuse your personal information, nor will we alter it to our advantage, and so forth.

If at anytime you need to change information, or else feel that we are not honouring our word to protect you online, thus contact us at the proper e-mail, or form available online.

Online betting will gather your information for our website, collecting the information and only providing it to anyone that could benefit you only. We do not give information out to third parties.

Upon Registration

Upon registration at Bitcoin betting you will provide personal information, such as contact phone, address, e-mail and the likes. At this time your information is stored on our secured databases and only used to payout winnings, give out bonuses, send e-mails, and so forth.

Wagers at Bitcoin betting

Any wagers paid to you, thus the information is given to the third party bank, and our financial officers. The information is only used for payouts and billing.

Cookie Monsters at Bitcoin betting

The cookie monsters are cookies, which is data in parts and is often stored on a working computer hard drive. Our cookies store your personal information. Bitcoin betting’s cookies are not connected to other personal information online. Thus, if you elect to disregard the cookies, you may still have access to our websites. However, there may be limitations to your wondering around our sites. The cookies do more than track your information. The cookies also enhance our abilities to target your interests by tracking them on our system. Other sites may have links to our cookie chamber; however we do not control such links. Usually, however the links are from our business partners.

Files for Logging in at Bitcoin betting

Our systems at Bitcoin betting employ IP addresses to track, analyze administer, and collect information from demographic areas abroad and broad, as a collective means only. Your personal information is in no way connected to these IP’s.

Sharing Information

Bitcoin betting will only share your personal information with third party collectively demographic advertisers and partners. The information shared does not link our partners or advertisers that will link directly to you. Furthermore, Bitcoin betting shares information with financial institutions, business partners, and the like, yet only information is given to them that informs them, yet will not cause you any harm. This information is given to them to handle payouts, bonuses, and the like.

UK Bitcoin betting often teams with other partners who have proven trustworthy, thus if you elect to sign-up at various other partner and sister sites information is shared only to provide your best interest what it deserves. The partners are not permitted to use our personal information in any way, outside of business.

Link Exchange

Link exchange is the process of sharing text links of relevancy in order to reach a specific target. At Bitcoin betting we have included relevant links to our partners. At no time are we responsible for any activities that go on in those sites, however we are affiliated with many trustworthy sources, therefore we are not threatened at this time. However, online betting encourages you to stay alert to security, privacy statements, and the like, thus learning more about these sites privacy policies. Bitcoin betting only provides a privacy policy for our business owner.

Contests – Newsletters and Surveys

Anyone joining our website is subject to a newsletter or automatic enrollment of our contests. At anytime you do not wish to participate or receive our newsletters, you can unsubscribe at any time. On occasion Bitcoin betting will send out reviews, surveys and contest information. Information given is protected and will only be used to benefit you as a better or player online.


Bitcoin betting puts privacy and security first. Therefore, as you give out personal information on our website we take all the steps to protect your information both off and online. Your credit card information is protected on a secured site through encryptions and high-quality software. You will notice our security by locating the little lock and key at the bottom of the screen, or else in the search engine. You can see https:// is a secured site.

Referral Programs

Bitcoin betting has a referral program, which you can join to make extra cash. IF you elect to join our online affiliate program we will use your friends’ names and other personal information to invite them to join us at Bitcoin betting. In no way, will we abuse, or misuse this information.


This site is for adults only, and at no time should anyone under the age of eighteen attempts to signup at our website. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to check out whether gambling is permitted in your area.

Correcting and Updating Information

If you need to correct or update information we strongly suggest that you contact our services immediately. If you elect to abandon online gambling, we will take every step to terminate your information for our databases, or else continue to safeguard.

Bitcoin betting Privacy Policy Notifications

Bitcoin betting is subject to changing private policy at any time. It is your responsibility to check periodically. However, online betting will contact you if any updates or reviews come available to our websites through postings. Bitcoin betting will inform our customers by posting the information on our website. If at anytime Bitcoin betting decides that sharing information policy needs altering as stated in this policy, we will notify you via E-mail:

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